GHIBLIPLAST silos are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) with exceptional properties and an affordable price. Silos are made in accordance with world trends, and are used in the chemical industry and farms as well as for the storage of various substances: cereals, corn, animal feed mixtures, granules, as well as powdered substances - cement, lime, etc. We produce silos in sizes required by the customer in the color of your choice.

They are most often used as: corn silos, grain silos, animal silos, flour silos, sawdust silos, cement silos, farm silos.


Advantages of GHIBLIPLAST silos:

  • environmentally friendly, our products do not pollute the environment
  • easy to maintain, smooth interior walls for easy cleaning
  • UV resistant, can be used outdoors without any protection, they use a UV stabilizer in the form of active soot
  • plastic silos are corrosion resistant and don't require any corrosion protection or overhaul
  • much lighter than traditional silos which allows for easier, faster and cheaper transport and manipulation
  • designed so that they can be subjected to rough manipulation
  • long-term atmospheric influences do not affect the functionality of the silo (service life over 50 years)
  • outstanding mechanical properties, high tensile strength and resistance to pressure and wear due to low coefficient of friction, exceptional toughness
  • resistant to most chemicals and aggressive substances
  • silos are heat resistant - at temperatures from -30° C to +80 °C
  • excellent abrasion resistance, making them suitable for working with solutions that require mixing

Our silos are manufactured using spiral winding technology of high-density polyethylene PEHD, a material with exceptional chemical resistance that does not receive odors from liquids or emit them. HDPE is non-porous and resistant to all types of chemical substances.

In addition to the already mentioned chemical resistance and long service life (50 years), the material also has excellent mechanical characteristics, of which its high static load-bearing capacity is extremely important for the production of silos, ie. great resistance to pressure and breakage, and our production process guarantees them a competitive price and exceptional quality.

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