Sewer and hydrometric shafts

Sewer shafts

Sewer and hydrometric shafts - GHIBLIPLASTSewer shafts are made of high-density polyethylene using spiral winding of polyethylene and polypropylene. Both sewer shafts and pipes have identical material properties in terms of chemical influences and all other types of resistance to both the internal content and external pressures and loads.

Their interior is smooth, while a ring is spirally wound over the outer wall, but depending on the need, the so-called sandwich profile where the ring is located in the middle between the inner and outer edge can be made.

GHIBLIPLAST plastic manholes are made with open or closed kinet, depending on the project requirements, have welded ladders on the vertical wall and are additionally loaded in the lower zone as protection against impact of groundwater during installation (part of the manhole below the kinet is filled with sand or concrete as a weight due to the consequences of lifting during assembly and backfilling).

By choosing GHIBLIPLAST sewer shafts and their extrusion welding on the outside or inside (depending on the diameter of the pipe), it is very effective to neutralize the harmful impact of high levels and groundwater pressure on the pipeline and in most cases where the pipe bottom is below river and sea levels. In places with active flows, the choice of such a pipeline is made, precisely because it guarantees a high percentage of impermeability in relation to other types of joints (concrete-PVC, rubber seal...)

Plastic sewer shafts sizes

Sewer and hydrometric shafts - GHIBLIPLAST GHIBLIPLAST plastic sewer manholes are produced in the following diameters:

  • Ø 600 mm
  • Ø 800 mm
  • Ø 1000 mm
  • Ø 1200 mm
  • Ø 1300 mm
  • Ø 1600 mm
  • Ø 2000 mm
  • Ø 1300 mm
  • Ø 1600 mm
  • Ø 2000 mm
The height depends on the project conditions, and can be up to 12 meters. Plastic manholes are absolutely waterproof, much lighter compared to concrete manholes, easier to install and most importantly, sealing can be provided between manholes and sewer pipes, whether they are made of HDPE or PVC. In addition, HDPE manholes have sufficient elasticity to prevent cracking during certain ground movements.

The advantages compared to conventional concrete manholes are: low mass of the manhole which enables much faster installation and manipulation as well as lower transport costs, absolutely waterproof and non-porous, have great rigidity and elasticity so that the manhole will not crack when moving the ground. GHIBLIPLAST plastic manholes have a long service life of over 50 years. Production of these products (plastic pipes and shafts) includes installation in the field, ie. pipeline construction.

Hydrometric shafts

Sewer and hydrometric shafts - GHIBLIPLASTWe produce hydrometric shafts from high density polyethylene in standard sizes:

  • Ø500x1000
  • Ø500x1000
  • Ø800x1000
  • Ø1000x1300
We produce shafts for water meters in two variants: manholes without thermal insulation and manholes with thermal insulation made of styrofoam, which enable normal operation of water meters at extremely low temperatures.