Pontoons for rafts

Pontoons for rafts - GHIBLIPLAST Pontoon bases for rafts make anyone staying on the water indifferent, and it is especially useful for all those who live in the city but also for all people who enjoy nature and want to spend their free time on rivers and lakes. It is wonderful to have your place in nature, so make your dream come true and build yourself a raft, a place where you will enjoy and relax in the beautiful nature and beauty of our rivers and lakes. To build a raft, the first thing to start with are pontoons. Pontoons are the basis of every raft, they are as important as the foundation of houses and buildings that are made on the ground. That is why it is important to choose the right pontoons. GHIBLIPLAST from Osečina manufactures plastic pontoons as a basis for all types of rafts and houses on the water. In addition to raft pontoons, GHIBLIPLAST also produces pontoons for:

  • floating piers in marinas
  • docks
  • floating platforms
  • pontoon boats
  • catamarans
  • trimarans
  • pontoons and cages for fish farms
  • floating barriers for collecting and directing floating and underwater waste, etc.

Plastic GHIBLIPLAST pontoons are produced by spiral winding high density polyethylene HDPE. Using the very good properties and characteristics of HDPE high-density polyethylene materials, we were able to construct and manufacture plastic pontoons that have proven to be the best solution for building facilities on water. The material from which we produce pontoons HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE HDPE is also characterized by excellent mechanical characteristics, of which, for the use of pontoons, the most important one is its resistance to cracking.

Also, the material from which the raft pontoons are made has high tensile strength and excellent compressive strength. It is resistant to wear due to the low coefficient of friction, so it prevents the appearance of grooves and scratches during use. An extremely tough material, and toughness is reflected at extremely low temperatures (thermo-resistant - at temperatures from -30°C to +80° C.) During their service life, our pontoons do not require any special maintenance. Compared to metal and concrete pontoons, our plastic pontoons made of HDPE are completely resistant to the effects of salt and fresh water and do not require any corrosion protection or repair, they have a very long service life (50 years or more), meet the most stringent environmental requirements, have a high aesthetics, and in case of any damage during use, there is a possibility of repairing the damaged pontoon on the spot. The pontoons are made of high density HDPE polyethylene and are protected from the effects of solar radiation, with a UV stabilizer in the form of active soot in polyethylene.

Pontoons for rafts - GHIBLIPLAST GHIBLIPLAST polyethylene pontoons are made in standard diameters:
  • Ø 500 mm
  • Ø 600 mm
  • Ø 800 mm
  • Ø 1000 mm
  • Ø 1200 mm
  • Ø 1300 mm
  • Ø 1600 mm

The length of the floats depends on the customer's wishes, and is limited only by the possibility of transport. The maximum can be 12m.

GHIBLIPLAST PONTOONS have partition chambers that additionally strengthen and secure the pontoon. The chambers are placed at a distance of one meter. So a seven-meter pontoon has seven chambers. Each chamber has a small inspection opening (valve - connection) that serves as a vent, so that the chambers breathe, the air inside the pontoon is not hermetically sealed, which is very important for the atmospheric impact on the pontoon. If the pontoon were hermetically sealed, at extremely low temperatures of -30°C the air inside the pontoon would shrink so that the pontoon would suffer a huge internal pressure that could damage it. The vent regulates the temperature inside the pontoon chamber with the outside temperature. Pontoons also have plastic holders to which a metal, aluminum or wooden structure can be attached. Pontoons are produced exclusively to order, based on the specific requirements of users in terms of the desired dimensions of the pontoon, load capacity, purpose of the pontoon, etc.

Tube diameter: Load capacity (50% float immersion):
Ø 500 mm 98 kg / m
Ø 600 mm 140 kg / m
Ø 800 mm 250 kg / m
Ø 1000 mm 390 kg / m
Ø 1200 mm 565 kg / m
Ø 1300 mm 660 kg / m
Ø 1600 mm 1000 kg / m
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