Let's be partners in bussiness



The company GHIBLIPLAST from Osečina will always be efficient and able to provide the best services in the field of processing and production of plastic elements using the technology of spiral winding of PEHD and PP. Based on our knowledge and experience with constant learning and improvement, with special emphasis on the quality of our products, we offer our customers more than just a partnership.
To maintain GHIBLIPLAST as a dynamic and prosperous company that will be recognizable in the market for its quality and be able to respond to the request of partners at any time, in any place. Our aspiration is to become the leader in the field of plastic products in the future and a synonym for quality, trust and tradition, with constant investment in order to improve business efficiency to the satisfaction of our customers.
To constantly improve the quality of our products, both in the field of business and in the field of environmental protection, creating products that are certified and tested, with an affordable price and a long life, of course with a warranty. Constant work on modernizing our business and increasing efficiency, as well as image improvement while following world trends have provided us with the full trust of our customers.