Double wall tanks

Double-walled tanks

Double wall tanks - GHIBLIPLASTPlastic double-walled tanks are commonly used in the chemical industry to store aggressive and hazardous fluids. They are made of high density polyethylene HDPE or polypropylene PP, depending on the purpose of the tank and the type of medium stored in them.

Our manufacturing process guarantees them an affordable price for customers and exceptional quality of the tank, while respecting all environmental norms and regulations.

The inner tank is intended for the storage of liquids, and the outer one for accepting the liquid in case of a breakdown of the basic tank in order not to endanger human health and the environment.

GHIBLIPLAST plastic tanks with double walls can be equipped with plastic fittings (internal threaded connections, flanges, valves, taps, level indicators, inspection openings, vents, overflows, ladders, anchoring feet, carrying lugs, nozzles, mixer holders and the like) at the customer's request.

They are manufactured exclusively to order. Based on the specific requirements of the user in terms of the desired dimensions of the tank, volume, purpose etc. calculation and sizing of the tank is performed.

Double wall tanks